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Project Number: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-078836

Welcome to the VINYL WARRIORS project. What is ‘VINYL WARRIORS’? VINYL WARRIORS is an innovative project that supports senior learners to develop their digital skills, and to live out a life-long dream of performing on stage. In addition, VINYL WARRIORS also addresses the social isolation faced by retirees by offering them unique educational opportunities and experiences.


The VINYL WARRIORS project proposes to create and provide an exciting new training programme that encourages retirees to rediscover their musical youth and address the issues they may face with social isolation. By taking part in the VINYL WARRIORS project, participants can learn the key digital skills required that will enable them to record in both audio and video, the musical performance that they may have dreamed of for years.


With the target group of the VINYL WARRIORS project being seniors who are retired, adult educators and active aging organisations, participants can gain skills in a wide range of issues that are associated with live concerts. Participants can put all of their skills into practice in a final performance event which takes places in August 2022, in Ireland. 

At some point in our lives, we hope to be lucky enough to retire comfortably. However, research tells us that in some cases, the personal health of retirees often declines after taking retirement which results in retired persons experiencing mental ill-health, including depression. By encouraging those who are retired to actively engage with members of their community, a positive impact can be seen on their mental health and self-esteem levels.

The learning content provided by the VINYL WARRIORS project empowers seniors to become active citizens during their retirement. To support seniors during their retirement years, VINYL WARRIORS provides senior learners with access to a training programme curriculum which encompasses a ‘Digital Skills Training Programme’.  These learning resources address the skills required to plan, design, rehearse, produce, and perform at a live concert.


Throughout the course of the VINYL WARRIORS project, partner organisations from Northern Ireland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, and Spain are working with adult education providers, active ageing organisations and seniors. To support adult educators to deliver the ‘Digital Skills Training Programme’, VINYL WARRIORS proposes the development of a unique ‘In-ser Training Programme’ which helps adult educators to support senior learners to re-discover their musical youth. All of this learning content is presented through the VINYL WARRIORS MOOC (Massive Open Online Courseware). This is an online platform, where seniors and their peers, adult education providers and active ageing organisations can access the learning materials developed in the VINYL WARRIORS project.


To ensure the VINYL WARRIORS project addresses the needs and requirements of participants, an in-service training event will take place in Italy in December 2021. Furthermore, the VINYL WARRIORS; Performance and Production Team Training, will be held in Ireland, in August 2022, where seniors will have the opportunity to relive their youth and perform to a crowd.

VINYL WARRIORS has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme. The VINYL WARRIORS project commenced in September 2020 and will run until August 2022. VINYL WARRIORS is currently being delivered by a team of seven organisations from the Northern Ireland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.

Northern Ireland

Ballybeen Women’s Centre (BWC) is an NGO with charitable status.  Our main aim is to address inequalities, promote social inclusion and enable those most marginalised to integrate into mainstream society and become active citizens on a personal, social, economic and political basis.  Through ongoing needs assessment BWC develops and delivers programmes and services tailored to the needs of the target groups i.e. women, children and young people.


Since 2003 BWC has participated in numerous partnerships and collaborative working on a local, national, European and international basis and has a high degree of expertise in the management of such projects.


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SOLUTION: Solidarity & Inclusion promotes the social inclusion of people from all cultures and all countries. At the local level, Solution carries out actions to promote non-formal education such as language courses, intercultural activities and workshops to help prepare applications for finding a job. At European level, the association is both a partner and coordinator of education projects funded by the Erasmus + program and other EU funds.

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Skills Elevation FHB, Germany, was established in 2019 by a range of educators, environmentalists and academics, with the aim of providing alternative educational methodologies. FHB work extensively to provide support and education for marginalised groups, especially with regards to their social, emotional and cognitive developments. FHB have three main areas of focus; the development of new pedagogic approaches, the development of training materials for marginalised adults and conducting research into social psychology, business and education.


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rural hub

The Rural Hub was set up as an association by a group of education, training and rural development professionals as a response to the impact of the economic crisis on small rural villages and towns in Ireland. Since it was first established in 2012, The Rural Hub has been providing a wide range of training and capacity development programmes to local residents and community groups.  We specialise in the area of community development and have developed a number of local initiatives to support the social inclusion of disadvantaged rural youth, migrant communities and isolated older residents.  We work with these groups, using creative approaches and the testing of digital media resources to support greater social cohesion among local communities in County Cavan.  We have a developed network of county-wide stakeholders who support our work on a thematic basis. Through our community-based office, we deliver informal adult and youth education programmes through our Social Mornings and Educational Afternoons programmes; and through our ‘youth into digital media’ programmes we run in our Digital Media Zone (DMZ) in Virginia, Cavan.


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Speha Fresia

Speha Fresia has been operating since 1983 at national level in the fields of lifelong learning, labour active policies, local sustainable development and social research. By integrating its professional competences with a wide network of public and private institutions, it has been committed in European projects since 1996.

It is conformed to the Quality Management Standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, as regards: Guidance Counselling, Service for local development, Design of systemic measures in support of disadvantaged groups, Social research, Continuous vocational training, Lifelong learning. It is a certified body for guidance and training in two Regions, Latium and Sicily, and it organises continuous vocational training courses for workers funded by inter-professional funds.

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ZDUS the Slovenian Federation of Pensioners’ Organization is a NGO and non-profit organization, established in 1946, with over 233,000 members all over Slovenia. ZDUS enhances the active and creative lives of the elderly, promotes health advocacy, organises recreational experiences and advocates for the needs of the elderly.  ZDUS offers expertise in assessing the needs of the elderly and lobbying on their behalf. Furthermore, ZDUS influences decision makers and policy designers.    The association employs 8 staff members on a full-time base plus 3 part-time units. Furthermore, 50 retired volunteers take part to ZDUS management board, committees or as projects leaders.


IFESCOOP is a non-profit cooperative which cooperates with the regional and local Public Administration (Regional Government and City Municipalities), Social Partners (Trade Unions and Employers Associations), as well as many other institutions and organisations in different fields, related to Youth and Vocational Education and Training.

As a training provider, IFESCOOP offers tailor-made training programmes for developing and upgrading skills and professional qualifications of young people, workers and unemployed people, thus improving their employment opportunities and supporting their personal and professional development. 


An important part of the company´s activities is the performance of market analyses for matching needs and requirements to current training offers, skills and competences needed for successful realisation and entry into the labour market. We also have a lot of experience working in the entrepreneurship field with young people and the unemployed.


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The VINYL WARRIORS project – Rediscovering Your Musical Youth – Digital Skills Training for Seniors addresses the need for social inclusion of seniors across Europe. The VINYL WARRIORS project provides citizens across seven European countries with educational activities and experiential, designed and delivered with senior learners in mind. To achieve these objectives, the VINYL WARRIORS partners are collaborating to produce the following innovative learning materials:

VINYL WARRIORS Digital Skills Training Programme for Seniors

The first output of the VINYL WARRIORS project addresses issues associated with planning, designing, rehearsing, producing, and performing a live concert. The Digital Skills Training Programme is categorised into four different categories; the Band, the Groupies, the Roadies, and the Managers, which supports seniors in to build their digital media skills, as well as their performance skills, in a fun and engaging way – a bit different from the IT courses that are usually offered for senior learners!

VINYL WARRIORS In-Service Training Programme

Consisting of 50 hours of learning, the VINYL WARRIORS in-service training programme can be used by adult and community educators and active ageing organisations to support their own personal development. Broken into a 4-hour preparatory workshop; a 3-day, 21 hour face-to-face programme and 25 hours of online self-directed learning, adult and community educators can develop their facilitation skills and style so that they can support seniors on their musical journey through the VINYL WARRIORS project.


The VINYL WARRIORS MOOC – a Massive Open On-line Course – is an online platform that provides access to the learning content developed in IO1 and IO2.  With thanks to the online nature of the resource, participants can have access to the MOOC from their smartphones, mobile device or computers. Additionally, the MOOC will provide for the live streaming of the VINYL WARRIORS performance event taking place in Ireland in August 2022. Access to the MOOC is available from February 2022. 

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